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​Matters need attention when using double roll mixing mill

Matters need attention when using double roll mixing mill


What matters should be paid attention to when using the double roll mill?

Double roll Mixing mill, also known as the laboratory tablet press, which is used in plastics factory or rubber factory for tablet color matching or test. Please pay attention to the following points when pressing:


1. The surface of the two-roll mixer is smooth, which is conducive to the smooth surface of the pressed sample. In use, first of all, it is necessary to make sure that there is no hard impurities in the pressed sample, iron scrap and other items, especially some manufacturers using recycled materials, should pay attention to this point;Once the surface of the double roller is hard thing scratch (here special description, the surface of the roller is plated hard nickel, has a certain hardness), then the pressed surface of the sample will be uneven and not smooth, seriously affect the color or test, also affect the life of the double roller.

2. Make clear the forward, reverse and emergency stop functions of the double roll mixing mill.Special attention should be paid to safety when using. In case of dangerous damage, press the "emergency stop" or "reverse" button immediately to stop the machine or reverse the roller

3. After the operation of the double-roll mixer is completed, the surface of the roller shall be cleaned with cotton cloth and coated with the corresponding protective oil, so as to facilitate the normal use next time. The equipment shall be placed in a dry and ventilated place as far as possible, so as to prolong the service life.